Sithech Customs

126 Anna Carol Drive

Stevensville, MD  21666

Phone (443) 362-1677

DUNS:  079989172    

CAGE Code:  7GLF1


CNC Machining

Computer Numerically Controlled machining is the automation of machine tools by highly precise computer programing code that results in amazing geometry.  We currently operate a CNC 4th-axis mill and 2 axis CNC lathe.


Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing.  These two powerful 3D computer modeling programs provide a visual representation of your 2D sketch, and can even virtually machine a part before a machine is even turned on.  We currently use SolidWorks and Fusion360.  Look us up on Autodesk A360 and we can start to collaborate now!


We are utilizing TIG, MIG and stick welding.  Keep checking back for CNC plasma cutting capabilities in the near future.

Surface Coating

We offer several different types of surface coatings to include Cerakote, Parkerizing, Powder Coating, and Anodizing.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is the process in which a metal is heated to a certain temperature and the cooled in a particular manner to alter its internal structure for obtaining desired degree of physical and mechanical properties such as brittleness, hardness, and softness.


We offer full service engraving, including 4th-axis engraving on round objects.

Firearm Customizations

Send us your slides for red dot RMR cut, lightning cuts, dovetail sight installation, and any other modifications on items other than serialized firearms.

Full Service Woodshop

A young Sithech Customs got it's start in a basement woodshop in Libertyville, IL.  We have stopped breaking as many tools as we did back then.  We love CNC on metal, but let us put it to work for you on wood, take a look at some of our custom made wood products.

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CNC Machine Shop

and Prototyping