Deepsea Diver umbilical underwater communications cable epoxy mold.  The mold allows units to ditch the flimsy 1-time use $80 3M Scotch Cast kit, or the $$$$ to ship your entire umbilical or comms cable to Amron and wait on them to return it and charge you for the service.


The US Navy uses Haplfex 595 epoxy, and this mold takes 8 cubic inches or .55 cups exactly to the top of the trough.  If you ordered 1 gallon (about $240/gal or $70/quart) of epoxy, assuming 10% waste and rounding down, the mold will yield 26 fills (results may vary greatly based upon skill, conditions, and type of epoxy).  Considering $80 3M kit, multiplied by 26 splices = $2080 in 3M kits alone, not including shipping costs and the down time waiting for kits to arrive.


The top of the mold has a big epoxy feeding trough, which eliminates the need to stuff epoxy into a syringe and inject into tiny mold ports.  After the mold is complete, just cut away the top with a knife.  Brand your umbilicals with your logo cast into epoxy molded splice at no additional charge, just let me know what you want it to say in the notes.  The mold includes pry bar locations for when you forget to spray mold release (Molykote 316) and stainless steel helicoils installed for going “Diver Tight” during assembly. I’m pretty sure this mold is even Diver Proof, but don’t underestimate us Divers.

Umbilical Comms Cable Splice Mold

SKU: 02-80-2C
  • Due to the fact that these molds are customized to your particular cable sizes and/or branding, this product is not returnable.