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MK-V Knife Handle (US Navy Divers Knife)


The Sithech Customs MK-V knife handle (US Divers Knife) are CNC precision machined to rigid U.S. Navy specifications as originally set down in the 1929 Hull Standard Plan Drawing, except the original calls for wood.  Give your knife an upgrade or add a nice touch to that Deepsea going away plaque.


Each handle is made to order, current lead time considering other orders is seven business days with FREE U.S. shipping!



  • Tarnish and Patina Care

    Handles ship highly polished, however various materials will patina beautifully over time.  If you wish to keep the shine, use a wax designed to protect your specific material choice from tarnish.

  • Blemished

    I take great care to ensure every product I send out is perfect and made with care.  Sometimes during the manufacturing process, things get dings and scratches and don't come out quite perfect.  I am willing to offer the blems at heavy discount due to cosmetic issues, but each still functions as designed.  Generally speaking blems on knife handles will include small gouges that can't be polished out by hand, and will be externally visible.

  • Installation

    Replacement procedure is easy, simply remove the end cap (may need a all sixteenths wrench), slide off old handle and replace with your badass new handle, no QA package required! 


    The blades have a section of square tang underneath the handle and sometimes the tang digs into the wood handle making it difficult to remove.  I recommend putting a dab or two of non-permanent thread locker such as Loctite on the tang threads during install if you're Deepsea enough to dive with it.