This solid wood and bronze cigar ashtray adds a touch of class and love of all things Deepsea to any home, bar, or smoke room. The solid wood bowl is available in several exotic species, including burls and highly figured wood grains for the most interesting conversation piece.  The bowl has a large internal radius for rolling and forming your ash for an even burn and wind proof containment.  We wouldn't want to cover up the beautiful wood grain on the bottom, so we've added felt feet for scratch free placement of your functional art piece.


The bronze faceplate adds a sense of style and sophistication, and is directly inspired by the old copper collared MK-V Deepsea Divers.  The faceplate and bowl are a snug fit, but ultimatley removable in order to clean or maintain the wood bowl if desired.  Gentle knurling in the cigar grooves helps to keep your cigar in place, while adding a decorative accent.  The faceplate will hold any sized cigar, oversized cigars will still rest on the points if they will not fit inside the dedicated grooves.  


*** The images shown are of examples of actual products made by Sithech Customs.  Lead times are 1-2 weeks, but If a product is in stock, you will receive an email within 24 hours stating so.


  • Unique Deepsea Face Plate Design
  • Bronze Removable Insert for Easy Cleaning
  • Hand Rubbed Finish
  • Available in Multiple Wood Species
  • Branded Gift Box Included

MK-V Cigar Ashtray

Wood Type & Pattern
  • No tree is perfect. It’s subject to defects from the time it emerges as a seedling to the last stages of seasoning. A defect is simply an abnormality or irregularity found in wood. There are many different types of defects arising from many different causes. For instance, there are natural and acquired defects caused by a broken limb or other injury, insect and fungal attack, or rapid tree growth.

    As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some "defects" are beautiful and is what makes wood interesting.  Some "defects" cause structural or functional problems.  Typically through holes or areas that need to be reinforced, are epoxy filled with clear or dyed epoxy.  

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