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MK-V Custom Dive Knife (US Navy Divers Knife)


CNC machined to exacting standards from the original 1929 Hull Standard Plan, with a twist.  The original design was made out of a cast bronze sheath, stainless steel blade, and wood handle.  Nobody else in the world is offering these knives until now, and only Sithech Customs lets you choose your material!


For the sheath, threaded blade collar, and blade endcap choose from bronze, aluminum, or brass.  The handle is available in copper, bronze, or aluminum. 


Each complete knife comes with a free engraving and free US shipping!  Options are available for with or without blade and traditional leather belt.  Please select during checkout.  Maximum three horizontal lines, parallel to the long axis of the sheath.  Specifiy your font style, capitilization/punctuation and text during checkout. 


The blade is made out of stainless steel just like the original design.   In fact I still buy them from Desco at $189 a piece, almost half the cost of the whole knife.  One edge of the knife blade features saw cut teeth while the lower edge is a conventional knife edge.


The sheath and threaded blade collar both feature strong ACME style threads that standup to dirt, salt and corrosion for those who dare to actually dive your beautiful creation.


The beautiful brass patina pictured will take months to a years time to develop fully.  However if you choose to keep the shine, please apply a material appropriate anti-corrosion/preservation wax.  Any Navy Diver of course knows that "Never Dull" is for keeping up the shine or penance.   Whatever the occassion is, nothing short of a MK-V helmet encapsulates Deepsea more than a custom US Divers Knife.  


Please allow approximately 4 weeks, each knife is made to order.

Sheath Material
Handle Material
Engraving (Free)
Threaded Blade Collar & Endcap
Leather Belt
  • Dimensions

    Stainless steel blade 7", brass sheath approximately 2.5" wide at cup, 1.5" wide tube, 8.5" long, 4.5" aluminum handle, 13.75" overall length.