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80% Lower/Flat Engraving


Send us your 80% AR-15/10 style lower, we also do 80% flats for AK's/MP5's. Please see additional details below and our FAQ page.

80% Type & Area
  • Engraving Specifics

    Sithech Customs does not currently hold an FFL, therefore we an only engrave unmodified AR15, AR10, 1911 "80% lowers" and unbent "AK flats".

    Our first choice for engraving extremely fine detail is the diamond drag engraving tool, which utilizes a spring loaded design to account for deviations in material while maintaining a constant depth. By using a diamond tipped tool, there is no need for spindle rotation. Instead, the tool is dragged accross the surface and the diamond tip scores the surface. By using this method we can engrave very intricate designs in just about any material with great precision, however it is not suitable for serial numbers because it won't be deep enough.

    Serial numbers must be engraved with a different technique utilizing ballnose endmill with a .010" tip.  The BATF minimum depth for serial number engravings is .003" and height of 1/16".

    While engraving anodized lowers, it is important to note that the engraving process will raise a small burr, and can cause a small amount of chip out in the anodized layer.  Sithech Customs will engrave anodized 80% lowers, but we can't be held responsible for small chips and burred edges in the anodizing.

    Please see picture for description of engraving areas.  Miniumum engraving service is $59.99 regardless of which areas are engraved.  80% lower engraving is $59.99 and includes Areas 1, 2 and 3 on the left side.  Right side engravings are $10.00 for Area 6, and $5.00 each for Area 4 and 5, in addition to the minimum charge of $59.99.  AK / MP / CTME style flats are $59.99.