Sithech Customs

117 Jones Place

Chester, MD  216

Phone (443) 362-1677

DUNS:  079989172    

CAGE Code:  7GLF1


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a Quality Assurance System or

Quality Management System?

Yes, in fact we do and it is available right here!

How do I pronounce your name?


Sithech is pronounced (sith' ik), it is a Gaelic word meaning Wolf and is derrived from my family name Shaw. The Shaw clan motto is "Fide et fortudine" which means "By faith and fortitude". 


Are you a Veteran Owned Business?


The owner is still serving as a Navy Diver Chief Petty Officer (CPO/E-7) on active duty and cannot technically  be classified as a veteran until discharged from service.


How do you prepare Request for Quotes (RFQ)?


Our quoting process is simple, but detailed.  We look at everything from cost of raw materials, machine time, consumables, complexity of part, and amount of CAD/CAM required.  Our quotes are valid for 30 days from issue, Request for Quote.


What types of materials do you work with?


We work with most types of metals including aluminum, cold/hot rolled steel, stainless, titanium and tool steel, We also work with various types of plastics including Delrin, nylon, teflon and others.  Material certifications can ordered upon request for your parts, but must be requested prior to materials being ordered.



Do you have an FFL, can I send you my firearm for customization?


We only do customization work on slides and components other than a serialized firearm receiver, lower or frame, we do not hold a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). 


Can you finish or engrave my 80% lower?


We cannot finish or machine your 80% lower because we are not FFL manufacturers, however we can engrave it or modify it as long as no ATF qualifying modifications have been made after purchase.  ANY machined features qualify your lower as a firearm, regardless if it is complete and in working order or not.  DO NOT send us any 80% lowers that have had ANY machining done after purchase.


What file types do you work with?


Currently we are accepting files through Google Drive, Dropbox and for Fusion360 through the Autodesk A360 community, which allows for easy collaboration between us and you.  Please try to avoid .stl files as they do not have any solid geometry.  We prefer .step files or other solid models.  However we can accept most any type of 3D CAD/CAM files by navigating to our File Upload page.


If I upload a file, is that a contract to begin work?


Not at all, as long as you just want me to take a quick look.  To begin any CAD/CAM, machining, fabrication or other services, you must submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) through the Contact Us or File Upload pages.  We reserve the right to send you a quote at any time to continue the conversation.

Are you ISO 9001:2015 certified?

We are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and are working towards being certified presently.  In the meantime, here is the link to our Quality Assurance System Policy.