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100% SDVOB owned & operated,  high precision prototype, reverse engineering, & dedicated 5-axis machine shop. 


As a team we are able to provide you with considerably shorter lead times with incredible statistical quality control of a much larger shop.

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Keyence VL 3D Scanner CMM.jpg


Dedicated 5-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center

Small to Med Sized Parts

X axis - 24in of travel

Y axis - 16in of travel

Z-axis - 16in of travel

Large 3-axis Vertical Machining Center

Small to Extra Large Parts

X axis - 50in of travel

Y axis - 26in of travel

Z-axis - 25in of travel

CMM Reporting

First Article Inspection Report

CMM & 3d Scanning CMM

AS9102 FAI

First Article Inspection Report


Accurate Scanning to 2µm or .000079in

Reverse engineering with resulting .stl 3D file

ITAR Registered


Registrant Code M42689



50W Fiber Laser Marking

Multi-media Tumbling

ISO 9001:2015 Compliant


Quality manual and full calibration system in place.  Check out our Quality Management System Policy!


Sithech Customs is owned and operated by a YouTube-taught, 100% service connected disabled Veteran.  Our team specializes in dedicated 5-axis CNC precision prototyping with short lead times.  Period.


The founder and his network of highly successfull, 100% SDVSBO entrependurs are utilizing cloud environments combined with traditional desktop based PC's and server network structures compliant with our latest Federal and ISO standards.  Sithech Customs is forging a new type of machine shop, coined a "Lifestyle Shop",  to match our younger generation. In 2022 we introduced our 2nd machine, better suited for short production runs and high density workholding.  Additionally our Keyence VL500 3D Scanner-CMM creates .stl files and thus solid models through CAD/CAM software.  We are able to reverse engineer with accuracy up to 2µm or .000079 inches.  For reference, the human hair varies from .00067 to .00709 in.  


Our company is passionate about our customer relationships and nothing is better to us than delivering the perfect part beyond expectation.  Anybody can machine a part, but it takes dedicated professionals to machine a tight tolerance and fully documented part.  Starting from smelting raw material, through production and finally on to Quality control and a comprehensive controlled work package document review.  After all, if it isn't documented, it didn't happen.


  After a decade of experience and with a highly skilled team, we are your best choice for precise CNC machined prototypes, small production runs, and reverse engineering older less documented parts.  Sithech Custom will utilize all of it's experience and talented team to produce the highest quality parts we BOTH can be proud of.  If it was easy, everybody would do it.   Hooyah America.



Sithech Customs, LLC

117 Jones Place

Chester, MD 21619​


Phone: 443-448-8491

Direct:  443.362.1677

Cage Code: 7GLF1

ITAR: M42689

DUNS Number: 079989172


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