Sithech Customs

117 Jones Place

Chester, MD  216

Phone (443) 362-1677

DUNS:  079989172    

CAGE Code:  7GLF1


Sithech Customs is an Active Duty military (Navy Diver Chief Petty Officer) owned and operated CNC precision prototyping and high mix-low volume machine shop. 


Although we have a few proprietary products we manufacture and sell directly, our primary mission is helping entrepreneurs to bring their own prototype to market.


Large scale machine shops have to charge high prices due to the enormous overhead cost in facilities, machine tools, and employees.  Their profit margin is heavily effected by every second of CNC machine spindle down time and anything that precludes maximum efficiency.  Reading between the lines quickly reveals that large quantity production runs, NOT one-off prototypes and small runs, are the money makers for these shops. 

Machining is usually not the sole operation on a new prototype, and we are prepared to offer value-added services such as welding, and specialized surface coatings like Cerakote, Powder Coating, Parkerizing and Anodizing.

Customers are able to upload their design file to our secure Dropbox along with their non-disclosure agreement.  We accept many file formats, anything from a jpeg imagel, crude napkin sketch, engineering 2D drawings and complex 3D models. Utilizing your files and personal input for design intent, we will bridge the expensive gap between engineering and design theory to a Ready For Manufacturing (RFM) design.  Sithech Customs will save the entrepreneur and small business alike thousands of dollars in research and development cost.


I started this company because of my own struggles and frustrations of trying to bring my ideas to market. We are passionate about both CNC machining and affordable precision prototyping with high quality parts we BOTH can be proud of.


Let Sithech Customs help you develop your prototype or produce your parts, and we'll do our part to craft a high quality and precise product.

Very respectfully,

Michael L. Nicholas

Owner, Sithech Customs, LLC.